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On-campus CompuForensics class in Ohio

Paired with major accredited universities and colleges, CompuForensics university based training has not escaped TV coverage of CompuForensics course notice from the news media. During June 2000 alone, CBS television, two major newspapers (front page coverage on Dayton Daily News above), a computer magazine and radio station have featured university based computer forensics training by CompuForensics. The October 2000 5-day Initial Response Team (IRT) class at Wright State Univ. was covered by ABC television as part of a special on computer crime. Presentation of the 5-day course at Southern Methodist Univ. was covered by NBC television (Channel 4) in late November 2000. For an MPEG video excerpt of that feature presentation, click on the adjacent picture. The August 2001 class in San Antonio was covered by the Express-News. The Oakridge April 2003 class was featured on TV Channel 12 evening news. An article in Linux set CompuForensics apart from the growing pack of lesser computer forensics training providers. 

This highly favorable coverage is particularly noteworthy given that CompuForensics does not engage in expensive media advertising. New training opportunities are being scheduled to meet the growing demand. Check this site frequently for updates.

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