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Computer Forensics World - Vendor independent computer forensics reference
Ohio Chapter of HTCIA -  Computer Crime Training Opportunities in Ohio
Linux Security Net  -  Tracking, Tracing & Cleanup
Criminal Justice Information System  -  Forensics Research Sites
Linux Security Net  -  Tracking, Tracing & Cleanup
Federal Defender  -  Federal & Defense Attorney Links
Training Analysis/Evidence Collections  -  Dartmouth College Selected Sites
KAIDROO  -  The Premium Web Directory
Linux Security - Expert Vs. Expertise: Computer Forensics and the Alternate OS
Dartmouth University -
Law Enforcement Training for Cyber Attack Preparedness
Ed the Computer Wizard
- Computer forensics services in San Antonio, TX
XGov.Org - CompuForensics associated website in the works
CPARC.NET - Cumberland Plateau Amateur Radio Club

Technology & Criminal Justice System - University of Massachuetts
UT Division for Enterprise Development - University of Texas technology programs
Early American History - and the principles upon which America was founded
Botanical South - A photographic collection of southern botanicals

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Computer Crime Information Sites
Legal Information Institute   -  United States Code (GPO CD ROM)
Kuester Law Resource  -  Kuester Technology Law Resource for the Internet
Computer Crime Report  -  New Jersey State Commission of Investigation

Links to Person/Place Locators & Performance Meters
Host Name Locator  -  InterNIC, Network Solutions, Inc.
YAHOO People Search
  -  Telephone numbers & addresses from names

Switchboard Search  -  Residential and business telephone directories
YAHOO E-Mail Search  -  E-Mail addresses from name and server domain
LookSmart WhoWhere Search  -  E-Mail addresses and other search options
GOOGLE Map Search - 2D street maps and 3D satellite maps  
MapQuest Map Search  - Accurate world-wide maps and driving directions
YAHOO Weather Search  -  Search the world for the current weather
Weather by Intellicast  -  Search the world for the current weather
The Weather Channel  -   Weather for U.S. counties, cities and zip codes
YAHOO Zip Code Search  -  Locate Zip codes by state/city or the reverse
FCC Call Sign Search  -  FCC Amateur Radio call sign cross reference
Buckmaster's Ham Call  -  World wide Amateur Radio call sign server

C/Net Broadband Meter  -  Measure your connection speed
Speakeasy Speed Test -  Measure your connection speed Performance Test
- Measure up & down connection

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